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Please pray for our friends Marylou and Damon. They are waiting for lab tests on their Son John. We are praying that the tests will come back negative. In Jesus name

Gene and Carolyn Thomas

Praise the Lord!!! The tests came back negative for John and those doctors were so sure. These healing prayers work folks, just have faith and talk to the LORD then TRUST in Him!
Psalm 75:1 NLT 
We thank you, O GOD! We give thanks because YOU are near. People everywhere tell of YOUR wonderful deeds.

Gene and Carolyn
Praise The Lord Almighty!! 

Tracy Gross 

Just wanted to share my praise report. On Friday January 15, 2010! I went in for my follow up diagnostic mammogram. 
See, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. I stood on Gods Word and sought Him for my healing. Not passively I might add! I came BOLDLY over and over I stayed in Gods face!! If we truly want something from God we must come BOLDY even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone. If you want something you've never had before you have to do something you've never done before. 
While I was waiting to take my mammogram I asked God to PLEASE give me a Word. When I opened my Bible He gave me Hebrew 11:6 But without Faith it is impossible to please Him For he who comes to God must BELIEVE that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him. 
Saints of God this message was not only for me, but you also. God bless your sister in Christ! Tracy Gross 

Tracy G.
Thursday, 10/15/09, 4:32 PM 

I don't know who this Word is for, but please read, 2 KIING 20 and ponder on it. Why do we allow bad news to penetrate us and place fear in us, "FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING, REAL." 
Yes you may have been just told you have an illness maybe from the human stand point an incurable illness. What does God say? We call ourselves Christians. We say we believe and trust in JESUS.  But do we really?  Because if we did there should be no diagnosis/illness that we feel is bigger than GOD. 
Yes we read our bibles!  But do we truly believe and stand on GODS promises and His Word? I know I DO!!! I have seen for my self not only my own healing from cancer, but also others. I had the pleasure of even meeting a young lady who was diagnosed with full blown aids 10 years ago. YES GOD healed her!! She is aids free!!!! 
Saints we have the tools to be healed. TRUST in JESUS! He is the same God we read about in our Bibles!  A HEALER!   Have FAITH and BELIEVE. 

Thank GOD 
for Answered Prayer!


Dear Bruce and Marilyn, 

My husband is now home recovering from a gangrened gallbladder. This was very serious and could have killed him. Thanks to your prayers and mine, God chose to leave him with me awhile longer. Thank you for all you do and thank God for answered prayer. Donna 
NO Cancerous Tumor!


Marilyn & Bruce, Penny just contacted me to tell me that her dad (Pee-Wee) has a tumor in his bladder..he is going to have a Biopsy on Wednesday, Sept 22....  I am asking for prayer believing that the tumor is BENIGN--NON- MALIGNANT!!!  
Please agree with us for the total healing of his bladder...TUMOR BE REMOVED FROM HIS BLADDER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! Thanks for all of your prayers in advance....We Love You Guys!!! Debbie 15Sep10 315pm (Thursday) 

Prayers Answered!

Debbie Tuesday, 


To GOD'S Healing Zone 
Prayer Ministry Team

Shalom Dear Beloved Partners;

My deepest appreciation to you all for standing in agreement with me in prayer for a total restoration. 

I will be Staying strong! God bless you all, grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brother Olivier
Dear Bruce and Marilyn and GHZ Prayer Ministers
Wow!  Thank you SO much for responding to my prayer request and for sending me this absolutely totally amazing email.  I've just printed it out and will read it over and over and will study and speak the Scriptures and will stand on the prayers.  You have no idea how much this means to me.  You are perfect strangers who have jumped right in to help me in my time of despair.  I am simply awed at the prayers you offered up for me.  Thank you thank you thank you!  I am a single gal who is pretty much alone here in Maryland.  I don't feel so alone now.  May God bless you HUGELY for your kindness.

Reply message from fellow 
Prayer Minister of
GOD'S Healing Zone 
Prayer Ministry Team

I agree Sister Jelena, I find this family of Prayer Ministers amazing and totally unselfish! And I too am so Thankful to God for having the privilege of being allowed to be a part of this tremendous team fighting the Good fight of Faith on the behalf of others! 

Sometimes I simply have to stop everything I am doing and Thank our Heavenly Father while in tears many times a day when I become overwhelmed with what I see Him doing in and with all our lives! I am forever grateful for each one God has placed in His team! Jesus is the Head of this Prayer Ministry Team! AMEN!
Written by: Marilyn Biesel

During my annual medical examination my doctor said she wanted to check for uterine cancer. All signs looked as though I might have cancer in my uterus and that I needed a biopsy done. She said it would take two weeks for the results of this biopsy. 

For those of you who have experienced this, you know the deep plummeting feeling of panic that overwhelms you, which is then followed by the fear of dying as it grips you and pulls you right down into the core of your being! Fear wants you to think the worst first! Fear is torment as the Scripture says in 1 John 4:18.

The Apostle Paul makes it clear for the believer in 2 Timothy 1:7, that God didn’t put the spirit of fear in us!  He put in us power, love and also gave us a sound mind!

Well, I can tell you this, it took every ounce of self-control and faith I had in me to NOT allow fear to enter me, take me over and make me freak out, cry hysterically and blurt out to the doctor, “Cancer kills people! This isn’t supposed to happen to me!” 

Instead of repeating all the things fear was trying to pressure me into saying, I grabbed hold of the Scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7, in my mind and I said to the doctor, while swallowing the golf ball size lump in my throat, “I’m grateful for your knowledge on this doctor, but God is my healer and He has final authority on this matter!” 

She had a puzzled look on her face, and then just politely smiled at me then left.

You may be asking how did I get to this point of knowing what to say and what not to say at the very first signs of fear? As I have said earlier in other chapters, 
March 1998, I asked Jesus into my heart, and then three months later so did my husband Bruce.

We were learning how to build our faith and stand on the Word of God for healing of our finances. God taught us to take hold of fear and at the same time cast it out immediately by standing on His Word then speaking His Word over the situation! Not saying the words of doubt, unbelief and fear that seem to be our first response and the natural thing to do!  These words are the devil’s words!

Fear gives place to our enemy, the devil. It allows him to operate without restraint. There is no way for Satan to operate destructively in our lives unless we give place to him. How do we give place to the devil? We do this by giving attention to his words and thereby beginning to operate in fear. Fear will tell us when we get a bad report from the doctor that we have cancer or any other disease that we’re going to die! 

The enemy is going to immediately begin planting thoughts in our minds with his whiney and sniveling sounding voice telling us, "It's true! It's true! You’re going to die! You’re going to die a horrible and gruesome death!  You have no hope!”   

But you know what?  He’s a liar!  And the Word of GOD tells us who’ve asked Jesus into our hearts in 1 Peter 2:24 …By His strips you are healed!

And the Lord also says in Psalm 91:16, With long life will I satisfy him… 

We’re also to give thanks to God “Before” the manifestation of the things we believe Him for.  We’re not only to thank Him after we receive what we’re believing for; thanking God before we receive what we’re believing for is how faith works!  Faith sees pass the problem and sees only the solution!

The Scripture tell us God “GIVES”, not gave or has given victory; God GIVES us VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ as He says 1 Corinthians 15:57. 

So we’re to thank God, Who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus! 2 Corinthians 2:14.  With God we’ll always win! 

“By His Stripes I’m Healed!”

I entered my car and sitting in the driver’s seat I wailed out as loud as I could, “By His stripes I’m healed! Thank You God that You ALWAYS cause me to TRIUMPH, even over cancer!”  

Yelling and not caring who heard me, “With long life will Jesus satisfy me!  Thank You Jesus for the VICTORY over this attack of the enemy!” 

I had rivers of tears flooding down my face and neck as my hands were in a fist hammering the dash board at the same time while calling out to Jesus.

Immediately I headed home and got right into prayer.  Then dug deep into the Bible to see what other Scriptures the Lord would lead me to take as my own.  I searched my Bible’s concordance for healing Scriptures and wrote down the ones that I was drawn to.  The Words from God that seem to be speaking directly to me!  Then Glory to God, He gave me the Scripture I am to stand on, and then I put my name in it and claimed it as mine! 

The Scripture Jesus gave me was Psalms 114:7, and this is how I claimed it… 
“Tremble cancer! You tremble at the presence of Marilyn’s Lord and Savior, at the presence of Bruce and Marilyn’s God! Now you get out of my body, in the Name of Jesus, the name above every name and that includes cancer! And cancer you have NO right to this body, this body belongs to Jesus, Bruce and me!  Now get out of here!” 

You have to understand that I’m fighting for my life! IT’S MY LIFE AND THE ENEMY CAN NOT HAVE IT!

Bruce and I came into agreement on this healing Word from God.  We continuously stood our ground on this and other Scriptures thanking God for giving us the victory over the attack of the enemy!  I boldly spoke the Word while pointing at the cancer attempting to destroy our lives, commanding it to disappear and leave my body in Jesus’ Name! It Can Not have me!  

Every time the cancer attempted to speak to me and tell me the lie that I was going to die, I aggressively replied, “Oh no you don’t cancer, you don’t tell me what’s going to happen to me, I tell you what’s going to happen to you!  I’m going to torment you - you’re not going to torment me!  I have victory over you cancer in Jesus’ Name, so you’re out of here!  And stay out!”

I did this every single time the devil and his cohorts whispered their contemptuous lies into my ears!  And I mean every single time!  The enemy doesn’t sleep or take any time off when tormenting us.  So we have to be even more vigilant then the enemy is when waging warfare against the devil! The enemy comes immediately and attempts to steal the Word of God out of our hearts because he knows the Word works!  Satan’s biggest fear is that we’ll find out “The Word of God DOES WORK and is True,” which makes him a defeated foe!

Jesus tells us that if we don’t understand His Word to be true then the enemy will steal this truth with the intentions of getting us to doubt God’s Word!  It’s important that you see this Scripture where Jesus says this in Matthew 13:19 KJV, When any one heareth the Word of the Kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. 

We must continuously put the Word of God in our hearts by hearing it and saying it.  This builds up our faith and then faith believes the Word of God to be true which activates the Word of God spoken over the situation!

In The Grave Before Your Time!

Bruce and I didn’t tell anyone close to us what the doctor said about the uterine cancer. We have learned that there are many people in our lives that will put you in the grave before your time, if you let them, with words of doubt, pity and unbelief! These are the works and words of the enemy!  But we did contacted our Prayer Ministry Team who also prays Faith Based Prayers and came into agreement with them for my healing.  But otherwise we kept this attack of the enemy to ourselves! 

Two long weeks crept by while eagerly waiting on the results of the biopsy report and standing on the Word of God at the same time. The phone rang, and I saw my doctor’s name on the caller ID. Immediately that lump was back in my throat. Bruce was at work and I was home alone. I grabbed hold of the phone and took it with me as I walked to the alter of our house. I did and I didn’t want to answer it. I knew that this one single moment in my life would determine how I would live for the rest of my life. 

Finally, I answered the phone on the sixth ring. 

“Hello,” I anxiously answered.

“Hi Marilyn, I have the results of your biopsy! It’s negative for uterine cancer!” The doctor reported to me cheerfully!

I told her with the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas time, “All the Glory goes to God! It’s the Lord’s doings and it is marvelous in my eyes!” {Psalms 118:23}. 

“Amen to that!” The doctor replied.

The moment I hung up the phone from talking with the doctor, I immediately got flat on the floor prostate and buried my face into the carpet!  I just simply allowed my spirit to freely worship my King, my Savor and my Healer, Jesus Christ!  I began joyously thanking and praising God for keeping His Word and giving me His Word to stand on! I’m so thankful to Jesus for giving me this amazing testimony to share with others!

Now you may be a cynical person saying, “Well you had a 50/50 chance of having cancer. So you were really just plan lucky this time!”

Well let me tell you this. This one magnificent experience has taught and given me the valuable tools to fight more fights then just believing for healing.  These same principles are used for every single area in our lives that need God’s healing touch.  Relationships, finances, and business the list is limitless! With God there is no such thing as lucky.  There’s no such thing as incurable either.  

But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.  Matthew 6:33 (Amplified Bible)

Need Prayer?  
email me

Dear Prayer Ministers,

Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. 
I will continue to pray and I am so blessed by all the prayers received by everyone.

Linda H.

Good Morning Wonderful Prayer Team!

I just want to say a special thank you and love your messages! Thanks to all of you today!

Again, love and thank you so  much for your prayers

Jennifer D. M.
I've Turned those 
Confessions into Thanksgiving!

From Myra
January 6

   I thank you all so much for praying over me. I have been confessing the Scriptures that you referenced below along with Psalm 41:11 and many others, I'd been confessing but will now turn those confessions into thanksgiving.

  Also, I was just sharing  Matthew 11:28-29 with a co-worker who is a cancer survivor but experiencing a lot of stress from her boss. I also shared with her a Scripture that states: God bears our burdens and carries us day by day, even the God of our salvation. (Selah). I repeat that Scripture daily and thank God because to me it means that God not only loved us to care about our souls and gave his life so that we would have eternal life, but also that He loves us so much that He's concerned about everything that burdens us. He's so gracious that he bears those burdens for us, carries us, which allows us to experience peace. He knows that we could not mentally bear those burdens, which is why people have mental breakdowns or take their lives, etc. They didn't allow Him to do what He will graciously do for us.

  It is ironic that you mention fear and unforgiveness because fear is something that I've been praying about just within the past couple of days and unforgiveness is something I will definitely pray about because when I initially lost my home, a relative allowed me to stay at their home but in anger with another family member, she threw me out of her home. This is a very close relative and it really hurt me. I am not comfortable around this person and our close bond feels strained. This person has not apologized to me yet. I've struggled to be around this person, which is inevitable because she's my sister, she's a Christian and was my best friend. I forgave her because she didn't have to allow me to be in her home, so I didn't get angry but I was hurt. I need to pray that God takes that away from me and that He totally restores our friendship.

Again, I thank you all so much. You encourage me and I always look forward to your responses. May the blessings of God continue to be with God's Healing Zone Prayer Ministers.


What a blessing it was to find this site. I was making a small book for my family of Scripture to carry around and say daily. And I found ya'll. Thank You Jesus for people like you who are doing God's work. Glory to His Holy Name. I thank you again and again for this site. Continue to do God's work for It is a good thing in this day and time. Just reading the word make the spirit in me just come alive and jump around up and down I am so excited. Like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning. I love yall and say thank you in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Wendy W.  

It is chock full of everything I have been filling myself with - especially lately since I almost died! I had not given my health over to the Lord - but had completely become focused on my mountain - even though I knew better - I was not DOING! I finally came to myself and decided to LIVE and pressed into the Healer and the healing promises of the Word through teachings of Bill Winston, the Copeland's, Keith Moore, etc!! Now, I am on the road to total healing from ovarian cancer and multiple other conditions! thank you for this wonderful website!
I Was So Blessed 
To Find This Site! 
Response from 
Prayer Minister's Package

Fellow Ministers in The Lord,

I have never been blessed with so much great information pertaining to this area, this is so encouraging, and my faith is surging after reading your email!  Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such an amazing response, it is very clear that God is using you allmightily, giving wisdom and understanding so that God's people are equipped with the truth to walk in divine health and victory over the evil one.  

And wow, Isaiah 27:10, that nearly sent me through the roof, what a credible Scripture to add to the repertoire. I am going to check out all these links that you suggested, and I will write back after doing so.  I really can't say thank you enough for standing in agreement with me, and I look forward to sharing my
testimony with you too.

God Bless,

Dear Bruce, Marilyn 
and all Prayer Warriors 

I was just in time to read your prayers and spoke out some of them before I went to get my D&C report today. When I went in the hospital it felt someone BIG behind me, but there was no one. He was walking with me all the way to the clinic. I knew it's either Jesus or the angel assigned to me. I got this word, “He got my back covered!!!”

I want to shout at the mountain top, HOW GOOD AND AWESOME MY GOD IS!!!

He brought me safely to the other side. He took me ABOVE the storms, and now I have a GOOD REPORT! NO cancer! NOT even Precancerous! WOW! Awesome is He!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And the miraculous thing about this is that the doctor wanted to remove my womb. BUT he referred me to a radiologist and I may go for uterine fibroid embolisation to shrink the fibroids. No major surgery.  Just put particles to block blood supply that feeds the fibroids. It's a dream come true. I wanted to do that last time, but until the doctor could rule out cancer, no one can do that. 

So The Lord really put me in good hands this time, and the radiologist doctor is so terrific and humorous. We were laughing when he was explaining the procedure to me. I was thinking before how come other patients can laugh at their doc's office except me? But today was my time to laugh, and I have HOPE to conceive YIPPEE, HURRAY, God's promise to me is coming true!!!

What God has started, He will complete it, Amen!!!

Thank you sooooo much for all your prayers and confessions of faith!
God sent me to the right people at the right time!!!

Although I’ve scheduled a uterine fibroid embolisation procedure next 2 weeks, but I’m believing God to supernaturally shrink the fibroids. He can do it and He will do it. Please continue to agree with me in prayer. Thank you soooo much. God bless you and your ministry abundantly. Great shalom will always be yours!!!

In Christ's love,
Vivian (Singapore)   

Vivian from
I Don't Feel 
So Alone Now!

Praise God for sending people like you on my way 
to teach me about 
His healing power.
E. Harm
Healing Power

April 4, 2013

Truly these Scriptures have helped me in many ways and I am confessing them over my life, and I want to bless others by praying for them. May God bless and enrich you as you help people like me. Malar
May GOD 
Bless You!
Dear Marilyn,

God bless you! I received your package earlier this week and was so touched and amazed at your sweet gift and the lovely words you wrote, thank you so much!!! I wanted to read 'I Left Him But He Never Left Me' in it's entirety before writing you this email and thanking you. 

This book spoke to me, and confirms so many things which the Lord has been doing in my life. In the latter chapters, you speak a lot about healing, binding and loosing spirits, etc. That's exactly what God has been talking to me and my family about in the past few weeks! He's been using certain men of God,so I could learn more about these things - and then here comes your book! Thank You Jesus! 

I was also so blessed to read about the manifestations of God's will in your life. As an 18 year old girl, the testimonies and lessons you learned as a young woman definitely fall in line with everything my parents have taught me up until this point. I've been walking in Jesus for as long as I can remember, because I was born to God-fearing, born-again, Christian parents. But it wasn't until the past year that I was able to TRULY come to the Lord, whole-heartedly, with a true desire to know Him and learn and grow in Him. 

I feel that your book can and does minister to girls my age who don't understand, haven't been taught, or are being swept away by the wiles of the world and need guidance. I definitely want my sisters to read it. My mother has read part of it already and she says that your love for God shines through the pages, and that you've certainly been anointed in your ministry of healing. 

Another amazing (and non-coincidental) concept is the 'I Speak Life' book. Two days before receiving your package, my mom had us all make these little booklets (the same size as your booklet, mind you!) which we call our 'Truth' books. We've been filling it with prayers, scripture, declarations, etc. Whenever we're having a hard time, or are being attacked by the enemy, we can turn immediately to the scriptures we have written down in order to overcome the accusations or lies we are dealing with. Funny part is, it is almost exactly the same as your little booklet! Amazing, or what?!

On top of all this, I found your book helpful in the sense that I am actually writing a book now, and have been recently discouraged with it. A few years ago, God told me I was going to write a book about my family and some intense trials that He allowed us to go through. They ultimately ended up glorifying Him, but He showed us that He's also going to use what happened to us as a testimony to others. There is yet more which I know that He hasn't made me aware, but I know there is a purpose. Reading your book was an inspiration in that sense as well. 

It encouraged me, because sometimes I get attacked with the lie of 'I'm a terrible writer and I don't know what I'm doing and how am I ever going to finish this,' and so on. Your book reminded me that it doesn't matter about MY abilities - I'm simply the vessel which God is using to accomplish His perfect will. So thank you, because you've obeyed the Lord and God is now using you in this respect as well. 

Once again, thank you for your wonderful gift and message... I needed it. 

With all love in Christ and a big hug in the spirit,
Miss Ruth
Amazing, or what?!
Thank you for The I SPEAK Life Book, and the Scriptures on your web site. We had a very serious car accident happen in our family and I needed Healing Words fast. Found them on your web site, began to pray them and praise God we got a miracle. Again thank you for your obedience to God.

Malinda from Tulsa, Oklahoma 
I needed Healing Words fast!
Thank you for teaching us and opening our eyes with the WORD of God. God bless GOD'S Healing Zone!

On Nov. 4, 2013 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. On January 21 2014. Reported PET Scan was normal no cancer seen. Please continue to pray.
God is great!
Carmen W.
Diagnosed with Lymphoma
Greetings to you and all the prayer team. Last year I was led to your website where I requested for physical healing prayer for my family (wife, son and me). I am glad to report that God did it. My wife came out clean in the tests. I also wish to thank you for your package sent to me last year. It has been a great blessing to my home. Thank you so much. I fully expect to send in more testimonies of the goodness of God in my life and family soon. Praise be to God for your ministry. To Him be all the Glory.  
GOD Did It!!
"With Christian Love and a Big Jesus Hug"
Donna B. of New Jersey

Dearest Pastor Bruce and Marilyn,

I have been wanting to write to you since this morning when I first read your response to my prayer request.  By the time I finished reading it, tears of JOY were running down my face.  Mostly because I could truly feel the love of God through your response.  I immediately felt such Christian love for you that I wanted to hug you both...and then I get down to the end of the letter and I see you ended your letter with what I was feeling! That was so amazing!

Your letter of encouragement built up my faith today and was exactly what I needed to hear to continue on my journey.  Even before I opened your e-mail this morning, I kept asking myself, am I really believing and not doubting?  I know I had doubt and unbelief in my heart, so I immediately confessed it and repented.  Then when I read your letter, you asked me if I really believed that nothing is impossible with God.  I knew that was a confirmation and a reminder that I had doubt and unbelief in me. 

So, I want to truly thank you for your beautiful letter of truth and faith.  Thank you for taking the time to write to me.  I wish I could meet you both now and give you a big hug, maybe some day here, if not I will be looking for you in Heaven!

I actually printed out the e-mail because I want to keep those certain truths before my eyes, putting it in my handbag and when the enemy comes to attack, I will pull it to help me remember the truth of God's Word.

I have shared your website with several other friends and have it bookmarked as a favorite on my computer. Thank you so much again for your heart and boldness. After I read your letter, I laid my hands on the computer and asked The Lord to bless you both with whatever your needs are. God Bless you and your ministry.

Love and a big Jesus hug back,

Donna B.

I wanted to say Thank you for GOD'S Healing Zone!!, it has been a true blessing. May God Bless you richly as you have me.  Karen